Meet our digital advisor – Dom Cushnan (5 March 2018)


“Optimistic and naive of a utopian future”, these were the words used to describe me at a meeting I attended recently. It wasn’t said in a positive frame, but as I have reflected on this over the last number of weeks I have come to see this as actually a compliment, let me tell you why.

My name is Dominic Cushnan, and in this short blog, I would like to share with you why I am excited about joining Helen Sanderson and the Wellbeing Teams as one of their advisors.

What I consider to be my most significant achievements, have come about from serendipitous moments. I joined an advertising agency as ‘Technical Director’ in my early 20’s, while I enjoyed this role my passion was to run my own company. So I resigned ready to set up an Augmented and Virtual Reality company, that same week I met the grandfather of VR, Dr Furness. It was a sign that this was the right decision and that led to many amazing and beautiful projects that were ahead of their time. That same feeling I had that week is the same adrenaline feeling that I now have with what will be possible when it comes to collaborating with Helen and her team.

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