AI Report

Accelerating Artificial Intelligence in health and care: results from a state of the nation survey

New technologies that harness the power of data, like artificial intelligence (AI), present huge opportunities to transform healthcare, improve the quality of people’s lives, and to make the job of working within the health and care system more rewarding. We are determined to harness this potential.

We are delighted to introduce this ‘state of the nation’ report, which looks to the future of health and care and envisions what can be achieved when the vast potential of AI is unlocked.

By working together we will be able to explore all potential avenues of opportunity, and risk, and to make sure that none are missed. We hope that, based on this reassurance and reflecting on the information presented in this enlightening report, you are left feeling as optimistic as we are about the ability of technology, and AI in particular, to transform health and care.

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